Went to the concert Saturday with Penny and Off. Fun time. Me and one of my buddies plowed our way up to the front where the mosh pit was going off. Crazy time. Between songs, everyone stops and chills and the second they start playing music, a huge whirlpool of bodies starts goin. I jump off to the side to take a rest and chill on the outside pushing people into it and away from me. Next thing I know, this cute little punk chick keeps ending up right next to me also pushing all these guys away and back into the pit.
For about 10 minutes she is holding onto the side of me so no one can get between us. I think nothing of it and she just needs a safe place to stand.
I go back into the pit and come out and she somehow ends up next to me everytime.
She and I talk a little bit and she is having the time of her life. Next song comes on, I grab a hold of her and try to pull her into the pit with me. She pushes away and jumps back out of it until she realizes it was me who was pulling her in. She got a big smile on her face and grabbed onto my arm.
I plow through half the guys and notice she is brawling a few off of her. We make our way around a few times mashing into everyone and the song is over.
She was all stoked. First time she went through a mosh pit. She was grabbing me and telling me that was the best time she has had.
Really cute petite girl with a fiesty personality. The type of girl could take care of herself.
Well, it was between bands and my buddy pulled me away so we could go meet up with our chicks in the back of the crowd.

I regret not talking more to the girl cause I could tell she was diggin on me. I didnt even say bye to her or anything. It would have been cool to actually see if we clicked outside of the concert.
I hate regret. It is very seldom that I meet a girl I actually think about after being around her.

Then again, couldnt really do much since my GF was at the concert with me