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    Dad, I want to be a champion Bodybuilder!

    "Dad, I want to be a champion Bodybuilder."

    Dad's response: "Do you realize how impossible that is to become, and why on earth would you want to waste your time doing such a thing, there is no money in it. If I were you I would forget about those stupid pipe dreams and focus on a realistic goal." Sound familiar? Or better yet, before you even go and tell someone, you yourself have the exact same conversation like the one above except instead of your mother, father or friend telling you to get real, you tell yourself to. That's right, you cut your own legs out from under you, and why? Because you start to realize that it is a little more complicated than just conceiving an idea. Well I am here to tell you that it is not complicated at all, that the process is so simple that is scares everyone into thinking it is too good to be true and therefor too hard.

    You can conceive of ideas or dreams or goals all day long, but if you do not take them immediately to the second part of the equation, they will die just as fast as you created them. Believing, and in particular belief in ones self, is the second part of the equation and it is the most difficult part. It really shouldn't be a difficult part at all and inherently it is quite simple, but we live in a world of expectations....expectations of society, family and friends, and these are constantly at odds with what you wish to believe about yourself.

    Therefore, the first thing we must do is learn to say "Get Lost" to everyone in our life who does not support or believe in what you have decided your calling is. Life is not about money, it is about creating and one of the things to realize is that if you are doing what you love, you will have happiness and bliss no matter or poor, but if you are following money all your life you may acquire it, but will still feel empty inside, and if you lose it or fail to acquire enough of it you are really left with nothing.

    Achieving is as easy as conceiving, but it is the believing that makes everything possible. When you set out on your path, whether it is bodybuilding or something else, the day you stop believing is the day you stop achieving. People make the mistake of looking for a final result from this equation of Conceive, Believe, Achieve, but there isn't one. It is an infinite equation, one that brings you amazing treasures and gifts each and every moment if you only open your eyes and look for them. The beauty lies in the process. ....And when he snatched the jewel from the mouth of the Dragon a profound sense of sadness filled him....... So he tossed away the precious stone, for he realized that the true gift lie in the process.....

    Stay on your path, no matter what and you will achieve everything you could ever imagine and more, but most of all you will achieve inner peace because you listened to yourself and stuck it out no matter how hard things got. Don't make the mistake of comparing yourself to others....only compare yourself with yourself If bodybuilding has been calling you, you must follow the call, it may not lead you to becoming a professional, but you will be very surprised where you can wind up, and in the end you will know that you posessed the heart of a true champion...a true hero. For a hero is not someone who laughs in the face of adversity, a hero is someone who despite being terrified of what lies ahead, forges on, and stays the path no matter what may lie ahead.

    Written by the late Trevor Smith
    Posted by MadMass @ MuscleNexus...

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    i like it

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    Man you ****ers are as bad as me. Get your asses to bed. haha

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    are the meds kicking in yet?

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    He likes the idea
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