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    Where to go and what to buy for Christmas- Cheap and cool

    Per my Bahh Humbug post>

    What can I get for the family Mom Dad wife kids brother etc that seems like it might have cost a lot, but is kinda cheap? Please be specific?
    Thanks bros.. and no my mom does not need any clen or Dex, and my brother does not need any sust or deca , and dad would give the barbells back.

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    you can find things cheaper on say like ebay compared to retail stores. but be careful of what your buying and read the descriptions very well.. because u want to make sure htings are brand new in box and what not.. i wouldnt buy everything there but 2 save good money on things like fragrances.. i do

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    nah, i buy stuff on there all the time. The only thing you have to make sure of is the sellers rating and how long he has been on. If his rating is like 95% or higher, then pretty much what you're looking at is what your going to get. Try it man, its a great place to pick stuff up for cheap

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