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    What's Happening to Toronto?

    I'm writing this regarding the recent upsurge of violence in the Greater Toronto Area, mainly youth violence. I guess it could apply to others if something similar is happening in their area.

    Me and a friend had a long discussion about it, going through all the factors that are obviously playing part, booming population, media desensitization, rap videos (lol)....seriously though, wtf is happening, correct me if im wrong, but it didn't used to be like this, last night there were 3 stabbings of which at least 1 was only used to hear about 1 every few weeks, not to mention the teacher getting fatally shot in the school parking lot a couple days ago, and the young Andrew Stewart a couple weeks ago, the youth who shot a man and a little girl in TTC a few weeks ago......where is all this youth violence coming from?

    do ne of u torontonians remember the meeting of the political minds last year to try to decipher and cure the increased gun activity? It's still getting worse...where's this gonna go, what do we do...what are ure thoughts?
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    yeah i totally agree. I lived most of my life in T.O. and it's just been getting worst the last couple of years. The violence here especially the youth/gang violence is getting out of hand. I believe it to be a part of many factors such as :
    1. the current ridiculous laws we have here right now ie. the young offenders act. I mean c'mon, youths know they can get away with **** at certain ages.

    2. Youths trying to prove themselves and show how "bad" they think they are.

    3. stuff the media shows especially music videos which show certain lifestyle behaviours which kids try to mimic etc.

    ... and i'm sure there is a lot more.

    if this city continues to operate the way it has the past couple of years, then this place is just gonna fall deeper into the hole. I mean just look around the next time your in the city and it ain't that hard to see how people have totally no respect for this city or the people in it. It's ridiculous as to how people act in this city nowadays.
    Also this city is so lax in many ways too. For example there's criminals here being deported from the city for like the 3rd time??? i mean WTF? Don't get me wrong, i support immigration, but sometimes i'm just like "How and why the f*ck did this individual get into this city?'

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