Ok i dont go out clubbing and the like very often, but as some bros have come into town for the christmas period i felt it time to let my training slip for a week or so and get into the party spirit. Well ive been out hitting the clubs 2 nights in a row now and i pretty sure i must have missed an important memo. It seems that sausage fest 2004 "coming to a town near you" happens to have come to a town near me. Two night's and several clubs rammed full of guys and a few old tramps and my outlook on the party scene in general is darker then ever! I have never seen so many guys and such a collection of skanks in my life. It makes me almost want to consign myslef to a life of rented videos and the occasional cinema outing. Im set to go out again mid week. Do i see it getting any better................. i bloody hope so!