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    Jun 2004

    where have you come from and where are you going?

    i started training just over 2 years ago (26 months), and im feeling good about my progress.

    height: 6ft
    weight: 160lbs -> 225lbs

    1 rep maxes
    squat: ? -> 380lbs [didnt squat from the start and it shows!]
    bent over row: 170lbs -> 350lbs
    bench: 145lbs -> 314lbs

    (the 1RM are predicted from working sets ive done)

    anyway im curious as to how far others have come, especially people who have been training for a long time.


    [forgot to add my aim is to get lean starting in 3 weeks, whilst trying to maintain some strength]

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    Dec 2002
    I've overcome anorexia from the ages of 18-23, ruptured BOTH patellar tendons and had them re-attached, and had my right knee scoped to clean out excessive scar tissue build up from those repairs, and seperated my left shoulder twice, both in accidents (not car accidents)

    Having said that, I feel that I've overcome quite a lot, and I am going to accomplish a whole lot more!


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    Swole, you've been listening to Tony Robbins again, haven't you.

    Let's see 6' 2" 150-->210

    Bench 1RM 135--> 300 or so

    Leg press 4 plate heavy set-->16 plate heavy set.

    All natural, FOR NOW!
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    Jan 2004
    Tropical England
    2 1/2 years
    5ft8 140-188 (at my heaviest)
    I think thats pretty good seeing as i was at uni living with three stoners for most of that time.
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    Roughly four years back in the gym. Dropped 50 pounds of fat during the first two years and have been building up ever since.

    weight before: 268
    weight after: 214
    weight now: 248

    bench (sucks....I'm not good at it): 315 x 2
    dead: 455
    squat: 450

    Injuries I've recovered from are too many too list.....their behind me now anyway.

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    I come from a vagina and Im going back to a vagina......

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    Canada eh
    I hav not really come that far.. Been training for little over two years.. was aroung 190 pretty fat now I am 252 currently cutting. To be honest I havn't done a max flat bench since I am always using dumbells.. my last set of close grip is 275. I have re-vamped my leg work outs as per SC ... I am always going to train. I seem to get injured easily but always over come then and hopefully always will.. My goal is to get my arms to 20 inch's in the next year!

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    North Charlotte
    came from 170s when i was 120 to upper 270s now. and im 25, bf is about 14 right now, my max lifts dont matter, for i am tryin to get big, not

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