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    rogue chicken scientists

    in my great travel thru the time rift, i went to a time before christmas turkey was acceptable to society and food and was viewed as the great god of feather, the feathers were used in MBHs hat.. never the less in the time before tacos and chicken pewtystone i was sent back to remind the few involved of the great future they were planning. upon my return to the time after the great laser guided trashbags and featherless hats, i have to remind you all, it was thru the great time rift. which i traveled back to the time before turkeys were used for food..wait forward i was tellin the story of how air conditioning became illegal.....i think we all know why..........................

    anti air conditioning legislation...lead on by the freezing of the snails, which were a rare delicacy for christmas pudding at that time, there was much defycation. that led to the banning of public toilets and i think we all knwo where that led..the marcarana..

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