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    Diet debate once again....

    I am almost 4 months into my routine and i am at 228lbs whereas i started around 255lbs-up.

    I have been talking with people at work here as they ask me questions about certain things as they know i never eat the **** they do and always eat my tuna etc.. everyday. Anyways a discussioin has ensued as to why fruits & milk are not used among other various ****ty foods, of course WE know the sugar contents are way out there.

    Anyways, what do you tell a person that asks why you don't eat these items (Milk, Fruits etc..) but they did and worked out and got results.

    One girl stated she was down to 6% BF and was eating salads, ice cream, fruits bla bla bla....

    I cannot seem to get them to understand. I just shake my head..what would you say to someone like this?

    One guy eats anything donuts, subs etc.. and works out at the same gym as i do (although not consistent and no protein or supps) and is wondering why he can be in the shape he is and still eat like that. He plays basketball as well.

    Agin i tried to explain, but am wondering how you guy's respond?
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    Both people in question were obviously eating less calories than they ingested.

    Gal A: Eating ice-cream and salads..didn't state HOW MUCH ice-cream she was i't possible she got down to 6% cus her overall calories were below maintenance.She didn't state the quality of the 6% tho...i.e. how many pounds of lean muscle she maintained while eating that way.

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    The difference between you and them is you care about sparing muscle AS WELL as losing bodyfat. They only give a $hit about losing weight. I'd be willing to bet, like Narkissos said, that the girl was eating below her maintenance calories but she lost muscle as well. The people who eat fruits and milk and worked out and got results probably JUST started working out, so that was the variable in the equation. They're happy with results at all, they dont care if they could have gotten 10x better results if they fixed their diet.

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