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    The year is almost over....

    Has it been kind to you. Whats your high's and low'?.

    High's for me was making up with a friend I'd fallen out with. We hadn't spoken for 6 months, including last christmas, we're best of friends again..

    Another high was seeing my son enter secondary school (like Junior high in America I think). He's rushing head long into his teen's in Febuary and is the pride and joy of our lives..

    Low's have been few and far between this year. Most notable was my brother-in-law's suicide on his 52th birthday.

    Anything to add?.

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    WELL year in short-
    Tried out for Arena1 Team made it, gettin paid to play -
    My g/f and I part ways after 5 years - been ruff but still smilin'
    Got an apartment on the PLAZA (KC MO) lots of women and my school is across the street.
    Gained 32 lbs. from a 12 week test only cycle. 6'3 198 to 6'3 230lbs
    Looking good feeling good, playing good.
    Chiefs sucked but might win last 5 games.
    Royals sucked
    Mizzou played well against ILLI last night but another dissapointing year it will be.
    Overall if I had to give my year a grade I say C+ it would have been an F if it werent for my fuzeball team.

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    Highs: The realisation that i want to marry the girl i'm with..

    Highs: Her wanting to marry me

    Lows: Having an internet stalker/hacker threaten my life and my family with social ruin

    Lows: Not knowing how to catch/kill his/her ass

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    Highs: Representing my country at CAC bodybuilding

    Lows: Being big enough to place but too small to win

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    Highs: lost a bit of fat

    Lows: Mom dyin of cancer, situation worse at home, had to see a doctor about severe stress.

    What have i learned this year? When sh*t gets bad, bad turns to worse purely out of spite

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    Highs: Finding a new job I really enjoy. Went overseas to the Middle East for the first time since I moved here when I was 5 years old and getting to see all my family there. One of the best times of my life.

    Lows: A lot of deaths, between friends and family members. Also, lots of illnesses. I have had 2 uncles and an aunt have strokes within the last 6 months. My grandmother was just told she has skin cancer also.

    All in all, it was a decent year. I dont like looking back and regreting things though even though I wish I could have done things differently. Life is just weird, I came to that conclusion.

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    ACLU headquarters
    High- God has been good to me
    High- our Brave Soldiers fighting against terrorism
    High- in a depressed economy had a good year (state/fed construction)
    High- no major health issues
    High- got back custody of my son
    High- no one I know died or became ill
    High- found AR

    Low- political strife
    Low- secular movement trying to gain ground
    Low- losing our soliders

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