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    is it me or does everything.

    We'll anyways everything has been goin good lately and then it seems christmas has come along, you all know you got to go out buy gifts etc. We'll for some reason now when i'm spending money i really don't have, my car decides to break. my student loan from the government they decide to cut what they were going to give me to a third of what it originally was doesn't even cover two books now assholes and just everything right now sucks anyone else havin sh-it like this happening.

    had to vent this stuff has been pissing me off.

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    Everything usualy goes wrong before christmas. I have a huge exam 11th january and 12th december I got sacked from my job without any notice before. So here I am not having time to find a new job studying like mad because I need to pass this exam otherwise I wont be able to continue my studies next fall.

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    its very stressful. and the bills usually start piling up this time but hell its only once a year

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