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    Question Who has clinical depression?

    I remember a whole back that my mom told me that an adverse side of accutane is depression... looking back I can really see that. I used accutane for 9 months and once I got off I went out of my depression... or so I thought. And I didnt know I was going through depression, just thought I was very pessimistic...

    That was about 4 years ago and this summer I got diagnosed with clinical depression... anyway I was just wondering if you or someone you know that has depression also used accutane as well? I am going to research this further and see where it leads me. I need to see if there is a coalition with depression and accutane...
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    Clinical Depression

    From taking Psych classes at college, I have learned that I have what is defined as depression, but it stems from something other than accutane.

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    I was sorta datin a chick who got diagnosed w/ depression. And her friend tried to commit suicide and she tried a few years back. I was like LATER DUDE!!

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