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    Santa, you Big Fat B@stard!

    Okay, lard-butt... what's the big idea? It isn't SUPPOSED to snow in New Orleans! Sure, hot-shot... go ahead and impress somebody and dump all that white crap all over the place. Don't try to tell me it is just coincidence that THIS day, out of the whole friggin year, it just happens to snow! Coincidence? Bull. I was born at night, but not LAST night! It was you, fat-ass, you did that crap on purpose, didn't you? I got to work 16 hours in that crap today and if that isn't enough, I got to lug sacks of salt all over the friggin place to melt all the ice that the laws of nature say can exist in the Big Easy only in a drink glass or the freezer. All probably just to impress some stupid snot-nosed kid who says "Santa, please give me a white christmas, cause I ain't gonna get nothin else cause we so poor and timmy needs surgery so he can walk again and the landlord is gonna evict us tomorrow and mama has pneumonia cause we don't have any heat in the house and she has to work 7 jobs just to be able to buy us a nice piece of baloney for our christmas dinner" blah blah blah. Okay, fat guy... what did it get you? You running for office, or what? Nobody gives a flying ****! Yeah, you and your fancy pantsy faggy red suit... ho ho ho my ass! You know, you could stand to up the cardio, don't you think? One of these days those reindeer are gonna pull and pull and pull and they won't be able to get your fat ass up in the air. How will THAT look? But I'm getting off subject. Next time you decide to make things all friggin christmas-y, check with the poor bastards who have to work out in the cold, first, okay?

    BTW where's all the stuff I asked you for? I asked for a manta ray and a new gym bag and 100ml of test E and a stocking full of primo and all I get is some lousy dhea and some faggy lifting gloves? Kiss my ass, you rednosed cookie-eating retard. Next year i'm gonna celebrate hanakkuh and maybe kwanzaa and give your gig a miss, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, you chimney-crawling freak.

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    hahah issues?

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    lmao...thats good

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    I needed a good laugh. Hopefully it'll help me digest what I ate today!!!!!!!!!


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