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    Croatia european caribean europe

    Gentleman in AR I've just been to Croatia.... man it's beautiful, get your American buts over to Europe and enjoy a lovely holiday in the heart of Europe.

    Please subject alternative holidays.

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    I went to croatia for a 12 month holiday in 1999. The people were wonderful, they held mass killings in town squares, they raped each others wives and daughters, overall a wonderfull place. I was of course in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia with the Army. I also went back the next year for about 4 months.

    In all seriousness, it is a BEAUTIFUL place. The mountains there are beautiful there. We drove from Theoselaniki (sp?) Greece up to Skopje, Macedonia. The ride up there was beautiful. But it was also unsettling seeing all the convoys of UN equiptment moving out when we were moving in. When the UN moves out, and the Army moves in, it's always a bad thing.

    It is better there now, but it will never be total peace. Otherwise, it's a beautiful area.

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