i have been working out(steady ,but have been hitting the weights on and off since i was 17),for about the past 2 years. after my w/o i always have my pwo shake(40-50 gms protien-80-100 gms carbs).
for the past 6 months i have cut my pwo shake in half and have stuck to my usual routine.my meal plan has stayed the same .i have not lost any weight,strength or muscle mass.i am still 5'8 and drifting around 210-215lbs with about 15-18% bf.
the point i am getting to is -did i really need all that protien in my pwo?probably not.are the supplement companies telling me i need all that protien just so they can sell more?you know how corporations are!was i just sh*tting most of it out?maybe.does everybody metabolize protien differently?probably.
what do you think?