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    Am I a cruel SOB or is it I really don't...

    ...give a rats azz on how we treat POW. They behead westerners and all I see on the news is Gitmo / Abu G. F*ck em I'd beat thier azz too but would be dumb enough to take pics. WHat are suppose to do? Tickle em.

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    I do notice all those that boo hoo dont bother to give their idea of what is acceptable if the circumstances were personal to them - say a kidnapper had their child and was going to kill them slowly - and you had one of them in your hand, what would be acceptable to find your child?

    my answer - whatever it took - but of course we cant quite do that as policy or you could indeed get a bunch of whack prosecutors could get overzealous with innocent people - but still, if it were my family

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