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Thread: BB videos

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    BB videos

    I like the videos where you see the guys eat, cook, just chill you know....the trainingis the least importmant. For example love the coleman videos, don't like yates and flex so much!

    What would you recommend?

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    I actually havn't watched many at all.

    Maybe I should go check some out.

    Which ones do you think I should check out??

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    Here's a list I found on another board:

    Anders Graneheim - Sista posen
    Arnold Classic - 2004
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Pumping Iron
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Rebuild
    Battle for the olympia - 1996
    Battle for the olympia - 1998
    Battle for the olympia - 2000
    Battle for the olympia - 2002
    Battle for the olympia - 2003 den er er add fra guld
    British Grand Prix - 1999
    Craig Titus - Ver. 2.0
    Dorian Yates - Blood And guts
    Dennis James - The menace
    Flex Wheeler - training video
    Günter Schlierkamp - Rock hard
    Jay Cutler - A cut above
    Jay Cutler - New, Improved & Beyond
    Kevin Levrone - Full Blown
    Kevin Levrone - M3
    Kevin Levrone - Maryland Muscle Machine
    King Kamali - The Road to be king
    Lee Priest - Another blonde myth
    Lee Priest - The blonde myth
    Lee Priest - Training camp & career highlights
    Marvelous Melvin Anthony - do
    Making of Pumping iron
    Markus Ruhl - Made In Germany
    Markus Ruhl - XXXL
    Mr Olympia contest - 1987
    Mr Olympia contest - 1989
    Mr Olympia contest - 1990
    Mr Olympia contest - 1992
    Mr Olympia contest - 2001
    Mr Olympia contest - 2002
    Mr Olympia contest - 2003
    Nasser El Sonbaty - On the way
    Nasser El Sonbaty - On the way 2 add af guld
    Nasser El Sonbaty - On the way 3 add af guld
    Nasser El Sonbaty - On the way 4 add af guld han har lavet 4 stk
    Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable
    Ronnie Coleman - The Cost of Redemption
    Shawn Ray - Final Countdown
    Shawn Ray - Inside and out
    Testosteroneboys - Dokumentär
    The greatest bodies - TV Special

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    awesome list man, thanks!

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    I saw testoteroneboys on TV, suuuuuch a bunch of crap, but the list is cool thnx bro

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