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    Update on the kid who opened the door and fell out and got his head smashed.

    Here are some of the highlights from the chat logs with the one guy who filmed the video:
    Question: you should submit that tape to Max X or one of those shows
    Answer: here is what really happend
    Question: it'd be the GREATEST ONE EVER
    Answer: i was the one who filmed it, me and my friends make videos, that day we were bored, and the person that fell out, named matt, nicknamed mullet. Say one of the kids, that he knew, and what he liked to do as a joke was smack them in the back of the head, they always do it to each other. So i thought it would be funny to film it, he rolled down the window and was gonna reach out and smack him, but since the new cars windows only go half way down, he couldent reach. So he opened the door, and was hanging onto the door, but..the kid on the bike swerved in closer, and mullet lost his balence after the door hit the back of his bike seat, and fell off. He dident die
    Question: haha
    Answer: hes still alive and well thank god
    Question: was it ever in the papers or anything?
    Answer: he was in teh hospital for almost a month having lots of surgery
    Answer: no
    Question: haha why not
    Answer: the only thing that was recorded
    Question: seems like something the media would cover
    Answer: was teh police report
    Answer: because of the insurance info
    Answer: because his door hit the other car
    Answer: which is why it shut so fast
    Answer: we got off lucky thank god
    Question: haha yeah

    Question: You and your friends are Internet Celebrities!
    Answer: i still have the original clip
    Answer: full DV quality,non-rendered. also footage of mullet.

    Question: Is the one on the net edited in any way?
    Answer: no

    Answer: i serisouly thought he was dead
    Question: you must have been traumatized
    Answer: i got so scared
    Answer: yes
    Answer: very
    Answer: to this day me and my friends dont like to talk about it
    Question: were you guys smoking weed? Someoen thought they spotted a cigarette or a joint in the passenger's hand I think
    Answer: cigg

    Answer: when i came up to him
    Answer: he was still breathing
    Question: was he just mangled?
    Answer: but imagine every bone from your nose down broke
    Answer: and 5 missing whole teeth on the street
    Answer: no blood on the teeth
    Answer: they ripped clean out
    Answer: he was not consious
    Answer: so i had to keep him on his side so he wouldent choke
    Answer: the ****ign ambulance took 30 minutes to get tehre and the hospital wasn't far either.

    Question: what about the bike kid/kids? One of them looked like he got a first-hand look at the impact
    Answer: yeah he was pretty freaked out

    Answer: also
    Answer: yes
    Answer: this really wasent ment to happen
    Answer: it was justa freak accident
    Question: lol I think that goes without saying
    Answer: and for the rest of the people that say things like .."im glad hes dead he deserved what he got"...with out any facts...those people can go to hell
    Question: well let's clarify one thing. The people who saw the video and made that kind of comment were under the [wrongful] suspicion that Mullet was attacking a random kid. If this had been the case, what would you think. I'm curious
    Answer: well if that were the case if i were a random person and i KNEW thats what they were doing...i might have said something similar
    Question: heh ok

    Question: how does he look post-surgery?
    Answer: he looks kinda the same exept fake teeth

    Question: Do you have any pics of what it was like afterwards?
    Question: Hospital, stiches, etc?
    Answer: mullet has them
    Answer: no damage was dont to the rest of his boddy
    Answer: just his head
    Answer: yeah i saw
    Question: No ****?
    Answer: wanna know something else that was amazing
    Question: Whats that?
    Answer: he had his glasses on
    Answer: and they werent broken
    Question: Were there people in the car that his head impacted with?
    Answer: no
    Answer: it was parked
    Question: What kinda surgery did he need?
    Answer: what do you mean what kind?
    Question: Did he need skin grafts or anything?
    Question: That had to mess up at least his lips or something
    Answer: but a big chunk of his upper lip was missing
    Question: Kinda like a cleft lip?
    Answer: yeah
    Answer: basically
    Question: What vendetta did you have against the kid in the red shirt?
    Answer: its just now we havea camersa
    Answer: i dont have anything against him
    Question: Did your friends have a grudge?
    Answer: he knows us for our movie
    Answer: and friends with mullet
    Answer: no
    Question: Why did mullet hang on to the door?
    Question: He could have let go, and he would have been fine
    Question: Man....that sucks
    Answer: you know what, i asked him alot of times
    Answer: to this day he doesent know
    Answer: he still cant remember much

    Cliff notes:
    - Kid still alive, picture/website of him found

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    MY GOD! LOOK AT HIS FACE! That was some serious accident, his face looks all distorted.

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    Zagreb, Croatia

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    Quote Originally Posted by MESSY_UK
    MY GOD! LOOK AT HIS FACE! That was some serious accident, his face looks all distorted.
    haha, no. he's just ugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisAdams
    haha, no. he's just ugly.
    lol i was jokin bro, i know ha

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    wow thats cool, ricky how did you get the info and the interview?

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    776 large message board. BEWARE of thier fitness and nutrition section tho.. lotta asshats there.. lol

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    So I've heard..........


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    wow, i was sure he was a gonner

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    I saw that clip and with the impact you would have thought he was dead for sure he got lucky and maybe the idiot will learn a lesson from this "don't do stupid things like that" but then again he aint too bright so he'll be back doing this again

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