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    Club hoppers of Las Vegas...

    Im going to Las Vegas and am wondering what the best clubs out there from house, trance, and good ol techno music.. As well as hot young girls, cheap drinks,.. And something casuall, like jeans and sneakers with a nice shirt..

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    There is a club in the Luxor that is good, and the Ghostbar @ the Palms is always a good bet!

    I believe there is one in the MGM too, but I can't remember the name!

    I think I was too drunk.


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    Bump this up, i will be in Vegas in like 45 days! I went there 2 years ago, studio 54 was ok. The thing is ALL the lines to the clubs on the weekends are sick! Plan on waiting 1-2 hours just to get in.....

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    Mandalay Bay has a couple; Club Ice is not too is not in a casion but on it's own...Seven is good too (after hours); Ra is the one in Luxor...Ceasers I beilieve just opened one too...Club Rain in the Palms is hot...but better in the hotter months of the year...Circle bar in the Hard Rock Hotel is pretty sweet....Velvet Lounge on top of Rio is a cool kick back place with a sweet veiw (as does Ghostbar); um, then there are the strip many to list and so many hotties working threre....

    I am sure the Vegas boys will have more ideas as to where to go....go to and do a search of the hot clubs...or is a blast...thank good I can drive from LA to LV in fours hours or fly in 45 minutes!

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    my buddies went down to vegas for a weekend, first night in da club a girl came up to my friend and was really friendly, started putting her hands on his chest, ass, and balls, after 1 hour or so she left to use the bathroom didn't come back, my buddy lost $600 from his front pocket.

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    Studio 54 --MGM
    Rum Jungle -- Madalay Bay
    The Foundation Room -- Mandalay Bay
    Light -- Bellagio
    Rain -- The Palms
    The Ghost Bar -- The Palms

    For more, check out

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