ok I am setting up my house to be totally wireless bcs I think it makes things much easier I got some pieces right now... I will list them and then tell you what there connected too... I wanna make sure im doing this right so anyone that has any experience in this.

(WMA) Wireless Media Adapter: Connects ur TV to ur Router so I can watch/tape shows right on to my Laptop.

(WGA) Wireless Game Adapter: Connected to my Xbox so I can play Xbox live.

Vonage Adpater: A TOIP (talk over IP) devise which allows you to use ur phone over the internet it has so many good things about it but the best is free calls to US and Canada.

Wireless Webcam: Well that one I dont have to explain.

Satelite: Well connected to my TV for some good TV.

Now heres the complicated part... im gonna tell you how everything is/will be connected so anyone can correct me if I messed up somewhere!

Internet service is connected up like this...
Extreme High Speed Internet >>> Modem >>> Wireless Router

My Xbox in my room is gonna be set up like this...
TV/VCR >>> XBOX >>> Wireless Game Adapter (WGA) >>> Wireless Router

My Living room is gonna be connected like this...
Phone >>> Vonage (TOIP (Talk Over IP) Service) Adapter >>> Wireless Router

Satelite Service >>> TV >>> Wireless Media Adapter (WMA) >>> Wireless Router

Wireless Webcam >>> Wireless Laptop >>> Wireless Router

With all this I can basically watch TV/play music anywhere in my house Via Laptop. I can download movies and send them straight to my TV to watch. I can make my own personal workout movies...lmao. And no wires running anywhere bcs everything is wireless... cant wait to see what those people that say u get cancer from cell phones are gonna say about this...