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Thread: think about it!

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    think about it!

    all and every innovation already exist, its the matter of when we human come across it; what does it mean to you. it means to me that nothing is impossible, not a single thing or an idea is impossible cause when the need arise, work will be done to make the impossible possible,

    does that mean men will one day be able to give birth. well, if there's ever a need arise. then the answer is yes. because if we can now regrow heart, kidneys, and other limbs synthetically, then yes we'll one day be able to grow an uterus inside a male's body and impregnant it with an egg and sperm. how about the delivery route since men dont have the vagina, well, maybe then men will require c section for deliveries where sperm and egg can be put into the uturus via ejections.

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