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    lol im not telling :D

    Exclamation New Diet Scheme is EVIL

    Ok i am a nutrition NUT i love trying out any type of diet from high fat/protein/0carb to a well balanced diet to the new High Fiber DIET! yes thats right the new crave is high fiber and it is supposedly GOING TO BE and it shall change the BodyBuilding way... or so i have read in a few fitness articles across the boards. well after doing an extremely HIGH polyUnsaturated fat diet w/ high protein/modcarb low sugars, i decided to try this new Diet Scheme..

    Meals look like this
    4eggwhties 2yolks 1 can of tuna and 2 servings of Barley.
    then each meal fallowing will contain a meat and 3-4 servings of a green vegetable usually broccolli or brussl's or something denser than lettuce. i get about 2x the daily reccomended amount of fiber.. this is exactly what they suggested. (i wish i had the links or sources to the articles i pulld this from but im lazy.)

    Results: Bloated like a MoFo , Gassy as HELL and... Heavy resistance training was a NO GO.. running couldnt be done either... not w/o some seroius complications, plus i spent about 2hrs total in bathroom a day.. n' its not piss related either. I GOT THis INfO fRoM So Called Doctors or something w/ letters after their names like PhD or MD or wutnots. I just want to know if anyone else out there has fallowed this rout or has anycomments on any other diet plans i kan try out. TY

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    A can of tuna at 6:30 in the morning ? I would rather puke up my steak from the night before and eat it again .. I think i would pass on that diet not enough energy fuel ..

    I've tried the tuna in the morning thing , Wont do it again ..
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    LOL... I've never eaten that much fiber, just enough to keep my body 'regular'....

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    Never heard of that diet scheme.

    Not on purpose anyhow.


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    Tai - the mystery has been removed from diet and nutritional programs that work. Why recreate the wheel (and waste time on things that don't work) when the research has already been done? Check out the diet form, there is great info there. SwoleCat provides professional nutritional consultation (I have used it - if you don't mind paying for a step by step guide it is worth checking out).

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    fad diets come and go stick to what has been proven and what works.

    challenge me and i will succeed.

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