Well I have been away since the 8th...out of the gym, eating to much, boozing to much..I went on vacation to Serbia, then to Czech., down to Italy, up and over to Slovakia...back up to Ireland over to London now I am headed back home to the US. This vacation has been the absolute best time I have had in a long while. I have spent way to much money, drank to much wine/beer, ate enough for 3 people on a daily basis..I am afraid that I will need a post-vacation- vacation just to get my life back on track! The idea of returing to work sickens me!
My wife is the best travel partner I can think of..she bought me a wonderful pre-aniversary present- a Bren LMG! God, I love my wife! I bought her a ring that I purchased online...she buys me a machine gun...great woman! I will try to post a pic once everything clears and we get settled back in to the daily grind.
So now I will come back like a man on a to hit the gym with a vengence to work off this vacation! Luckliy I have timed my next cycle to start soon..anyway, just wated to let folks know I am back..still kicking and glad to post again!