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    Need help with a vacation!

    Iíve been trying to plan out a vacation to escape for a little.

    Iíve traveled very little in my life, to other stats around the US and have only left to go to the Bahamas once.

    Iíve always wanted to visit Australia for as long as I can remember. Iím thinking Queensland would be nice to visit. Iím really just looking for a nice resort with lots of stuff do to around it. Diving in coral reefs, nice beaches, maybe some safari like tours around, good food/restaurants.

    Anyone know of good areas in Australia to visit for this? Or a place you have visited there, or even in another country?

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    Australia is gonna be expensive if coming from the states . I was in cancuun mexico last year , nice beaches and reasonable prices .

    although if money aint an issue , australia would be awsome .

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    I'm not broke, but money is always an issue, I live below my means and for a good reason.

    I think of Cancun as a "college spot you go to get laid".

    I'm looking for a place to escape and have fun with a significant other, a spot to enjoy nice views and remember good times.

    Was thinking Australia because Iím tempted to buy a vacation home there, the currency exchange is not as good as it use to be, but a nice vacation home (depicted as a ďbed and breakfastĒ INC.) can be had for less than a car payment in the states.
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