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    Arnold Expo update.........Sat.......

    ...I was kinda disappointed in the expo this yr.....Crowded as hell as always, huge mofos like usual (always one bigger than the next) hot ass chicks around but they didn't really give aways jack-sh*t this yr The only booth giving away stuff was twin-lab so I got about 15 pakages of creatine...EAS you freakin had to wait in line, fill out some mailer card then they gave you a book on supplements with a protein bar on the inside in a bag...Hell even muscle-tech didn't give away crap..Usually I have like 6-7 bags full of stuff..Not this yr..None of the booths really gave anything away..I got a shirt from a buddy at his booth down there..Chemically Engineered..But you know I'll prolly go again next yr...What the hell i'm still hooked..Anyone else with A Classic stories??......I'm not sure how prejudging went and dont know who won but I'm sure someone will post results soon. MPA

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    The chicks were hot? only a few...most of em looked like they were doing years and years of too much test.....scary looking women there this year...for sure...only a few really cute me mediocre naturally petite skinny lil women in scantily clad costumes are not hot....and that's mostly what you saw there....or the scary ultra tested up ones w/ great muscle definition...nothing in between this year.....

    place was very crowded...more so then last year.....


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