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Thread: Mini vacation!

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    Mini vacation!

    Just wish to say I am going to Detroit, MI for six days to see my daughter dance and take a short break from work. My daughter is a cheerleader for the AFL Grand Rampage team and will be going to see the game Sunday. I was expecting to also take a short break from the gym but that got shot down because my daughter got 2 passes for my wife & I at a brand new fitness club. After the game my EX wife is taking us all out to dinner! This is going to be kinda awkward as it is our one year anniversary that day! I have not seen my ex for almost 5 years so I am sure there will be some wierd emotions all around. So I will not be posting for a week and if you wish to see my daughter you can go to click on dance team your going to have to guess who she is. I AM A PROUD DAD.
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    Have fun in Michigan.....LOL, I live right near Detroit and it sucks.

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    I'm curious to which one she is..

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    They all appear to very attractive.....Have fun

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