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    Worst Luck Ever!

    I have been working at Child Support Services since November last year, then one day this absolute beautiful woman starts working there, her name is Jackie. Not a day went by that i would not see her and just think how beautiful she was etc.. So naturally i began to flirt with her just a bit...then i got word that she was seeing somebody so i simply stopped flirting with her as i respect that she is in a relationship.

    Now i am moving to Texas next week and last night me and some coworkers went out and had a few drinks, and all of a sudden she walks in and joins us all at the table looking beautiful of course, well time goes by and i have not said anything to her and go to the bar to get a drink, she comes to the bar to order as well and i started talkig to her, well we ended up not going back to the table with our coworkers but got one of our own and we talked for an hour or so.

    So we talk about this and that and then i let her know how i feel about her, tell her she is beautiful ec.. Then she begins to tell me that from the first day she started and when she was introduced to me the first time how her knees got weak and she was shaking as she says she gets nervous around "Hot" guys.

    I about **** myself literally hearing her say this, as of course i have adored her since that time as well. It turns out she was single until about a month ago and that suppsoedly noone at work knew what was going on with me as if i am single or not which is bull**** because all the fat asses up there gossip like hell and i made it quite clear i was single and quite a few people knew i thought she was gorgeous.

    Well we talked more and more and she gave me her number and i would like to take her out before i leave next Thursday.

    I am truly upset about this whole thing, i have not had a girlfriend since last April and have waited to find someone like this girl and then all this comes out in the open 6 days before i leave the state, wtf?

    I seriously have no luck, what have i ever done to deserve such utterly cruel treatment?

    On a good note, i weighed in today at 209lbs My goal is everything is going well as far as that goes, but my luck with her is depressing.

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    lol im not telling :D
    well coulda been worse.. she could be a lesbian ..

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