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    chinups Guest

    Woman and Thyroid issues

    I just got off the phone with my GF, she want to doctor cause she is tired all the time. They took bloodwork and asked her why she was so skinny, they said she may have issues with thyroid, her metabolism my be too fast. Any woman ever hear of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinups
    Any woman ever hear of this?

    Yeah.......all the fat ones

    Your thyroid regulates the bodies chicks with thyroid problems can either be fat or skinny.

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    chinups Guest
    My GF is skinny but I never thought about it as alarming, apparently the doc said she may have too high a metabolism. She is like 5 ft 100 lbs maybe a bit less. But she carries zero % BF. I just got her into working out and she has been training hard and eating right so I just think she is burning alot now. But I want to be prepared for what the doc will say cause I don't want her taking any meds. And she has always been around 100 lb isssssssssh

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    lol im not telling :D
    just incorp 6tbs of nattyPB through out the day for her..

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    chinups Guest
    This will slow down her thyroid? How did you come up with that?

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    although thyroid effects your metabolism, it also regulates heat and cold, and if she has an overactive thyroid she shoud feel more warm then the average because all that energy from fast metabolism has to be given up as heat, but if she has an active thyroid it is alot better then having a slow thryoid. also a being tired is not a symptom of over active thyroid but underactive thyroid.

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    my sister has the same exact thing. it sux cuz she works long hours and feels tired all the time but theres nothing she can do about it. she goes to the doc regularly and looks this stuff up online all the time. ill hit her up for you and see what she knows.

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    chinups Guest
    so your saying that if she had a over active thyroid then she wouldn't be tired? And she is actually cold all the time as well, well at least she always complains she is cold

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    CutieFace Guest
    women are more prone to thyroid problems then men are......


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    Maybe hyperthyroid?

    Check this out:

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    chinups Guest
    My girl got her blood work back and the only thing the doctor said was that her white blood cells were low, I think there are suppose to be a .9 and they are a .7 or something like that..

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