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    Steroids bigger than Iraq war

    I've been watching the news for an hour now and it just hit me. They are treating this as one of thier main concerns if not their primary one. The house is getting ready to interview supposed mothers of victims of steroids and then the next panel will be former and current players like Mcguire and then the last panel will be the executives of the MLB. I swear I feel like they treat steroids bigger than the Iraq war sometimes. I still can't believe they are talking about this the way they are, this is really getting out of hand.

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    Its almost like they are suprised that people are taking them in sports. Idiots.\

    Im watching the live feed from the house committee meeting, its somewhat interesting. I wanna see the testimonies..........

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    how many forums you gonna post this is a shame though

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    Let's just have one of these threads....I left the one in the Steroid forum open....

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