please dont move this, i need specific people to give input

last april i was benching in the 500s with competition gear at 17. then i got hurt real bad and i had to wait a few months before i could get surgery after visits to chiropractors, ART therapists, etc. the injury was osteolysis of the AC joint which i guess is pretty common in young weightlifters.

the left shoulder operation went fine. a couple months later i had the other shoulder done.

the procedure for each shoulder was AC joint resection and subacromial decompression because i had os-acromionales in both shoulders.

after the last surgery, my doc said the acromion in my right shoulder is mobile. this is from a growth plate or something not fusing yet or not fusing at all.

he said if it broke, some major surgery would have to be done like taking out the acromion and attaching tendons to different bones. my shoulder would never be the same after that. he said this has only happened once in all the ones hes seen but it can happen.

i have about another month to go before i can train again so i'm trying to figure out a plan of attack

if anybody with experience or is a doc/med student please chime in