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Thread: Gym closed

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    Gym closed

    fuc_k my gym where all my buddies went to closed down a couple days ago right out of nowhere at 10:30 last wednesday people walked in told everybady to leavr i went at about 2 and signs were commin down equipment was mostly already pulled out and on the wall was a letter sayin that there lease was up and they couldn't find a place to move the gym to. This was complete bull**** because why would they just tell everyone to leave and if the lease was commin up they could have givin fair warning but it apparently closed due to code violations needed in excess of 2 million dollars to repair the building. grantind the plumbing did leak sometimes well all the time in some spots cause change rooms were on second floor never seem to be anybig deal thow. just mad because all there is now is a pansey ass gym where if they don't like your style (who you affiliate with) won't let you in if you appear to be big and will rack machines they will blame it on you if a machine breaks, if your not wearing fancy track suites you don't look in place there all in all it's a bitch gym and there all about the dollars they harase you to sign up pay trainers ect. If this thread is hard to read sorry runnin on 2 hours of sleep prior to now.

    L8r J.B

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    Gyms suck that way, thats why you never prepay your memberships, especially when they're running some "huge special" if you buy two years in advance that is waaaay too good to be true.

    Legally, atleast in the states, if they have another gym they can get to agree to honor their paid in full memberships not their EFT monthly ones they are ok with no liability. The gym has to be of equal quality though and the distance has to be around the same (cant remember the exact distance).

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    all up in yo' buttho'
    **** just you and your roidmonkey buddies should take over the upscale gym like the blacks invading detroit. most of the those "yuppies" in places like that are just wannabes anyways. they're not even WASP's they're like these first generation upper-middle class buttholes that think driving a C class and eating sushi makes them totally upper crust.

    too bad they prolly can't even speak french, or know who Kant is, and they sure as hell can't SWOLE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGB
    This was complete bull**** because why would they just tell everyone to leave and if the lease was commin up they could have givin fair warning but it apparently closed due to code violations needed in excess of 2 million dollars to repair the building.
    How does that make any sense... He claims his lease was up (so I assume he was renting the space) how could he possibly be responsable for the code violations on the building? (which belongs to the landlord)...

    My personal opinion is that he simply (like many gyms) went bankrupt and he probably closed when the bailifs showed up to seize the gym equipment he wasn't making payments on (or wasn't paying their lease). It happens quite a bit.

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    Time to get a home gym dude.

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    i know how you feel man, i have been a member of a few that have closed down on me. One was one of my buds that owned it and i would pay my membership by the year, when he closed i still had 6 months left. The only thing i got was to go and buy another membership at another gym. Now i just pay by the month.

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    Yup it does happen and it happen to myself about 8 years ago. One day I went over there and there was a sign said closed. No warning and there were many more guys who signed up and prepaid 1 yr membership which was less $. Bottom line is the owners mismanaged it and went belly up. Eat your pride and go join the other gym just don't forget your spandex!

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    DAMMIT our gym is gonna close in may too. Illinois is the first state to pass a difibulator law or some junk. At all times when fitness places are open they gotta have a trained tech on duty who knows how to use it and our gym was a 24 hour place w/ a key code to get in so it would kill profits payin ppl to be there. Lousy state laws.

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    That sux.

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