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Thread: salmonella

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    hey guys, just wondering if anyone on here has ever got salmonella and what there symptoms were. I got real sick on mon. morning and was throwing up for a good twelve hours. couldnt even keep water down. Felt real crappy just like the normal old flu. Anayway the vomiting is gone but it is now fri. and i still have no appetite and stomach feels like shiat. i got the runs like mad too. i have only been able to eat like one meal a day , and am barely drinkin any water . any input would be great, thanks fellas.

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    Yeah that sucks bro its happened to me.

    What Are the Symptoms of Salmonella infection?

    The acute symptoms of Salmonella gastroenteritis include the sudden onset of nausea, abdominal cramping, and bloody diarrhea with mucous. The onset of symptoms usually occurs within 6 to 72 hours after the ingestion of the bacteria.1 The infectious dose is small, probably from 15 to 20 cells. There is no real cure for a Salmonella infection (or salmonellosis), except treatment of the symptoms. For most strains of Salmonella, the fatality rate is less than one percent.

    Salmonella infections usually resolve in five to seven days, and many times require no treatment, unless the patient becomes severely dehydrated or the infection spreads from the intestines. Persons with severe diarrhea may require rehydration, often with intravenous fluids. Treatment with antibiotics is not usually necessary, unless the infection spreads from the intestines, or otherwise persists, in which case the infection can be treated with ampicillin, gentamicin, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, or ciprofloxacin. Some Salmonella bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, however, and this has occurred possibly as a result of the use of antibiotics to promote the growth of feed animals.


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