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    Cheat I Feel Like ****..

    Well today is my cheat day.To start off last night I went out to fat tuesday with one of my juice buddies. Long story short we both havent drank in over a month .He had 4 190's and i had 4 Long Islands..........we got toreeeeeee up , im telling u i still feel dizzzy.I wake up this moring more like afternoon and I head to mcdonalds.I had been looking foward to a double quater pounder and some fries....I got it, ate it, and now I feel like ****..I dont no if its cause of the liquor but dam I REGRET EATING IT .I FEEL LIKE MY ENTIRE WEEK WENT TO **** CAUSE OF ON F......ING BURGER. Is this normal , do any of you guys feel like this on ur cheat day....

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    Yeah, don't worry, its the same thing week after week lol.

    But your night at the bar drinking alchool should have been your cheat day. So now you got a cheat night and a cheat meal. try not to cheat once a week!

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