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    Im Sick....again!!! Aarrgg!!!

    So about half way through the day yesterday I started getting these really bad body aches. By the time I got home from work I could hardly move and I felt like an old man. No runny nose, no stomach pains but just really bad sweating, body aches and sore throat. This is the 3rd time Ive been sick in about 8 weeks.....

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    That sucks bro. Get some rest.

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    I hope this will make you feel better.

    First I had a cold for 5 days, then I had a stomach disorder and spend 7 days pissing out of my ass and feeling like puking, then I was healthy for 2 days before the flu struck me and I was out for another 10 days. Just when the flue was about to disapred I got sinusitis and Im now on antibiotics for 10 days.

    Anyway 4 day on antibioticks now and I feel alot better so today Im returning to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks. Been sic more or less constantly well over 3 weeks

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    just rest up and look at some pron you will start to feel better soon.

    good luck

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    I've had sh1t luck with being sick lately. My girlfriend brings up home germs... i swear it's her fault. She works with unclean people, its my only explanation.

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    I believe we have colds all year long... We just have rests from them sometimes.

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