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    So im writing a paper on AAS in sports for class...

    Its for my english comp class and we have to write a paper about a contrivesial(sp?) news topic and i figured what better subject than present the arguemnt that i think that steriods should not be banned in sports. Basically im gonna say that when monitered by a doctor and athletic trainers steriods can be takin effectivly and with minimal side effects, it gets out of hand when you have people abuse them. Also im goin to argue that the only reason people watch sports is for the entertainment much more entertaining could it get than watching atheletes with amazzing abilities compete against each realy doesnt get any better than that...also im goin to add that people are goin to continue to use AAS anyway so why not make them legal and help the athletes out by giving them doctors assistance...

    any suggestions...? i think i can make this work...but i dunno...

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    Read the Jose Canseco book, it is very very interesting

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