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    I just joined the 21st century :)

    My boy has a playstayion2 at his moms, but not here... until now

    I finally decided I wanted one so I went out and got a nice new PS2 Slim... nice toy...

    Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone so I ordered a modchip (DMS4 pro) and a laser fix (apparently PS2 slims don't like being modded) which I received and installed this afternoon.

    Observation #1, soldering in a modchip in a slim ps2 is like microsurgery... having clen shakes BAD is ***not*** a good thing (and doing this after bi-tri day at the gym is even dumber!)! 3 hours later it was all done, flashed the "special" bios and voila... I am able to play backups.

    In the last week I've been downloading a ton of games and burning them to DVD-R and now that I can play them on my PS2 I am hooked! Been playing this weird game calles "REZ" for the last 2 hours!

    Wonder what kiddo will say when he comes here friday Should be a nice surprise. Hopefully I can practice WWE Smackdown eough so I have a chance against him


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    Welcome to the 21st century bro.

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    I'm sure he will be quite satisfied, especially since you buying him a new game will cost you every bit of what $5 dollers? A rental and a DVD-R. That is 4 sure the way 2 do it.

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    i give u props bro. definitely gonna make the kid happier now that he can play ps2 with his pops instead of his mom. lol... my dad was never any good at playin video games with me, he basically sucked, but it sure meant a lot when he tried. good luck

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    Console games are the devil, they ruin your social life Dont ge me started on relationships

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