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    Bogus info on execution of RDL

    Yesterday while I was working out and nice polite guy came up to me and decided to ask a question regarding "roman dead l lifts". He said he was asking me because he is trying to look like me and thought I might know how to . Anyways I said you mean romanian deads right? haha He said his personal trainer (who sometimes works there, I know who he is) told him. So I gladly show him after asking him a few questions like do you know which muscle group you are targeting? Yes he says my back! Wrong again the RDL targets the glutes& hammies more. Stiffs and regular will target more the lower lumbar region not romanians. Anyways I showed him and then he ask why am I going agaisnt my legs(bar close) because he was tought another way. I told him what the pt showed him were not RDL but stiff's. I also asked him what about cardio and the pt has him do it before the workout! wtf? Anyways, this PT has a BS degree in kinesiology and is certified
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    atleast he knows the correct form now!


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