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    job - real estate appraiser ??

    I am feeling bored and looking for something new to do P/T that could become a full time business. Anyone have any comments on the appraisal business for real estate? It's a few classes at community college to sit for the exam and then yearly renwal fees and continuing education.

    Can you make decent $ at it? Is the market already oversaturated with people or is there a need for more?


    I had a friend whos father would do 2 or 3 appraisals a day and work 4 days a week and seemed to make a great living. The last appraisal I had done, the guy was at my house for about 30 minutes taking some measurements and a couple of digital pictures. Cost me $350 but I am not sure what his cut of that was.
    I have a brother in law that's an entertainer that might play solo at a bar for 3-400 dollars in some places for 4 hours. He's interested as well. If you could make only 1/2 of the fee when working for someone else (say $175) and did 3 in a day that's $525, times 4 days a week = $2100 a week, $109,200 per year.

    Has my attention. Any input is appreciated. I am in a huge corporation now where you have to fill out 4 hours of forms to do 1 hour of work, yep that's how I would describe it, plus lots of mandatory meetings and asskissers to deal with.
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    My wife is a Mortgage Broker, from what i know, the appraisers fee is all his.

    My wifes fees are 40%. She can make anywhere from 1000-20k a month. Her highest check for one month was 10k.

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