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    those telemarketers

    Im usually a nice guy to them, but they called while i was on the stair climber and i was a total asshole. anyway, they were asking for money for little kids and i basically told them to **** off. ive never been in a fight with a telemarketer but it was prettty funny. i feel like an asshole now fighting with a telemarketer wanting money for childrens sports but oh well.

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    Get yourself on the do not call list. is where you can sign up.

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    I love to play w/those assholes.

    I usually wait until they say something, as I can tell on my readout who it is, and I'll then let out a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE BURP right IN the speakerphone! If I can fart at the time, I'll give them something special!

    Sometimes I turn on rap music w/LOTS of cussing and hit "answer" and just let it play.


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    Running through your mind
    LOL swole! I do the same thing. Or just pretend I can't hear them and talk REALLY loud into the phone. lol...

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