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    Being close to your Dad

    I've never really been that close to my Dad, I love him but we just don't have a whole lot in common. What do you guys do to be closer to your fathers?

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    I have tried with my father but we have absolutley noting in common. He likes football and beer i like bodybuilding (which he thinks is stupid) and eating, movies etc. I sometimes watch motor racing on the telly with him but i dont think he really notices. A few years back i realised sooner or later my parents would die and i wanted to have some decent memories of them. Well most of my memories have been me asking them if they would like to do something and them saying no. Hell of a reversal from when i was a teenager. Oh well.

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    im kinda in the same dad is in his mid 50' 4 jobs as produce and meat managers....its hard to get time with him. we used to golf every sunday, he still likes it, but im growing out of it,......any suggestions?

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    Funny you should mention it. I just called my dad a few days ago and invited him for a weekend of fishing. I could take it or leave it really, but I know he loves to hunt and fish, so I will go to his side in order to spend some time with him. You can never get time back and asking him to come lift weights, ride motorcycles, or go to night clubs isn't going to make anything happen. Older people are much more set in their ways.

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