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    needmorestrength's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Canada eh

    Does anyone like King

    Kamali... Thats right.. Anyone like that ugly F'r
    Had a bro from up here at the Arnold Classic, who ended up sitting beside his wife, she was apperantly yelling and swearing at the judges because he didn't win... He told the bitch to shut up, and that he a lil old Canadian would win it before Kamali would

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    Jantzen4k's Avatar
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    $ Make The World Go Round

    I'd bitch slap him

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    Feb 2004
    King Kamali is a geek. I would however bang his wife. Too bad Craig Titus didn't dummie him when all that beef was goin' on.

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    May 2002
    Kamali works out with a 16 yr old kid, and one of the dorkest trainer's at New York sports club. I think if you are training that hard why workout with these 2. That right there shows something is wrong with this cat. Also his wife think she is all that, but she looks beat up, and strung out at times. Could care less about the dude, and so does everyone else in the gym, he is played out...

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    a building
    arrogant and cocky when he shouldnt be...he has good build but i really dont give him much respect for that, i seen his early pictures at about 13 and 18 and hes the type of guy that has the genetcis where he could never lift at all and just be walking around at a solid 230.....

    and he looks like andy garcia...

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    His legs and arms are too small for his body and his head is too big. He seems to think he desrves props that he does not and he whines when he loses contests to people like Dexter Jackson and Chris Cormier...good grief he is not even in their league. I have never understood what the hype is except that he is a very verbal and larger-than-life kind of character. He did make it pro, I will give him that, but personally he does not impress, Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles, Gustavo Badell, etc...those guys are tearing it up. I could not believe it when Coleman beat out Jackson in an abs comparison at the O.

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    he makes those waves bc he sucks.. no attention should be paid to that mule

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