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    Friend just had a seizure, so scary...

    Tonight we stopped by a pizza place a few of my friends work at. We were relaxing, eating pizza, and talking. And we had smoked before so we were a little bit high, not bad. And my friend Joe (who smokes all the time) was just like yo can I get a sip of that drink (to my other friend), he takes the drink....walks into the corner and then we just see him pouring it on his pants and onto the floor. We're just like Joe...youre gettin wet dude....and he keeps doin it. So that goes on for 10 seconds and he slowly starts falling to the floor, hes on the floor with his eyes wide open the WHOLE time, never changes facial expressions, and starts shaking for 10-12 seconds. Were all by him and he just snaps outta it and we're like BRO YOU JUST HAD A f***ING SEIZURE, and the kid wont admit it. Hes like "what? I dont remember sh** feels like i just blacked out, i must have blacked out" im like

    scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy sh**
    i dont think it was the weed...he wasnt even that high....

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    "Drugs are baddd...mmmk?

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    Pot can cause seizures. You took him to the hospital right?

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    I've never heard that before, I'm sure there are other extenuating circumstances, such as an alergic reaction to medications and or food that was consumed previously. Did you guys also drink any alcohol that night?
    Hopefully he'll be allright.
    Take care,

    Quote Originally Posted by Aboot
    Pot can cause seizures. You took him to the hospital right?

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    That cat needs to get a CT scan ASAP... computed tomography scans can reveal any possible abnormalities that could be causing the seizure (tumor, stroke, etc). The physician will also likely perform a neuropsychological assesment to evaluate perception, thinking, memory.....

    Seizures are very VERY serious and should be properly assesed to commence treatment before any serious damage can be inflicted.....

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    Next time, try to get him into a bathtub full of water, throw in some soap and your laundry..................

    Seriously I agree with the above. he should consult a nuerologist

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    I has seizures as a kid,if you have one they usually come on again. It may be another week, it may be a year, but chances are he'll get another. He def needs to have a CAT scan done. They put me on a pill for a year for mine but it made them go away eventually, scary ****.

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