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    Talking Ass Connoisseur's guide to loving the smell and taste of female sh*t

    As an ass connoisseur for many years and being an experienced rim-lickin' expert, I can assure you that, many times I had to learn to cope with the smell and taste of female ****. The first time I licked a girl's asshole, was when I was 14 years old, and it was the first sexual act I had ever done in my life. I could remember it like yesterday, I met this 16 year old girl at the mall, and we ended up eating out together. Later, we went to her van (She was driving her mother's van illegally) she said she wanted to try something. I suggested having her give me a blowjob, but she declined, saying that my dick hasnt fully matured enough (I was a hairless, pubeless 5 1/2 erected 14 year old dick). Anyways, she wanted her ass licked. AT first I was hesitant, but when she pulled down her tight jeans and bent over, I instantly fell in love with the female ass. The round, soft curvy sexy look. The BEAUTIFUL brown hole, pumped with greasy phermones and arid ****. I first sniffed it like a dog, and I smelled of course...****. But deep in my mind, I forced myself to love that smell, no matter what. I told myself that that "****" smell, is really the smell of sweet roses. Fooling my brain this way..I proceeded to lick her outer rims, followed by a tongue gorging thrusting inner rims and beyond. I forced myself to grow accusomed to this smell of ****, telling myself that it is a very sweet, pungey robust smell of a rare female exotic flower strain. It felt very good to overcome the fear of **** like a lot of guys here have.
    I personally believe that the smell of female **** is much more sweeter, softer, and very complexed than the 1-dimensional male **** us guys have. Male **** is like a rough, crude strain of arid, disgusting ****, while on the contrary female **** is much more softer and smoother. Eating ass is all about mentality.
    Its all about how you approach the bent-over female ass. Think positive thoughts about female ****, for you will be very happy in the end...and make your companion very happy. Sex is mental....all mental
    now for some good exercises on getting yourself ready for the smell of female **** I recommend the following:
    1. Gym female bathroom. This is my favorite exercise. The goal here is to hang around the outside of the 1 room female bathroom in the gym, and wait until a hot chick goes into the bathroom. Pray that she's taking a ****. When she gets out, go inside to see if she took a ****. Signs of this will be smell, and fresh **** tissues in the garbage. If this is the case, and she took a ****, then lick the toilet bowl and try to smell her butt marks, and try to get one of the tissues out of the garbage, and smear the toilet bowl with the ****. Now proceed to lick it up...You wont regret it!
    2. Finger your own butt (I love to do this!) and then proceed to lick up the **** on your finger. Learn to love the taste and smell of **** like a fine cigar. Robust, with overtones of spice, and explosions of flavorful nutty aromas
    hope this guide to overcoming the female-**** phobia has helped you, and I wish you the best of luck in your ass-rimming ****s and licks with your dicks.
    Good day
    Ass Connoisseur (More articles to come) Look for for my next article on various different types of female butts!
    *Yep, it's the ass fingering guy, and nope I am not gay, I just bought my girlfriend a dildo strap for her birthday, and it was fun *
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    all i got to say is d@mn.

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    Ass Connoisseur the last time you posted the VERY SAME THREAD you served a banning I believe. Your not impressing me. Your stay here is under scrutiny again, lets see your behaviour change.

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