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    Smile To Drink Or Not To Drink??? Help!!

    Alright now I already know that you shouldn't drink while your sausin but if you had to take some chick out and kind of wanted to have a drink with her what would you say would be the safest to drink in order to not ruin your swole...or lets just say you wanted to party and have 1 day of drinking since you happen to be sourrounded by booze and women??

    beer? or a mixed cocktail?

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    I normally wouln't ever recommend drinking while on the juice... but as long as you don't binge drink and just have a few, you should be alright.... not all the time though!!

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    I am in a frat, and a couple of bro's drink all the time while juicing... I tell them they are retarded every time, but they seem to be doing fine with drinking beer. Now 10 years down the road.... Liver disease for sure

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    if they are growing fine drinking beer, then imagine how well they would be growing if they cut it out? People like that need to get their priorities straight and decide which is more important.

    but getting drunk one night isn't going to hinder your gains IMO.

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