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    the downside of getting bigger.

    having to buy new clothes every 6 months. over the past year or so... i've gone from a size small t-shirt to barely fitting in a large. a size 32 waist to a size 35. the worst part was squeezing into my business wear when i got my new job 3 months ago. i couldnt even button the shirt or close the cuff buttons. i should have a garage sale or something.

    the expenses go more than just on the goods. but whatever, it's worth it.

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    Hell my girl loves having to go shopping for me.... I started out large now xl to xxl, waist went from 36 to 32's. There was a time i had to buy waist 36 and have it taken down to a 32-34 just so my legs would fit.... I'm not as big as I used to be but in time I will be.

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    i hate shopping, let alone shopping for new clothes.

    but its all worth it for getting ripped & swole

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    i just buy alot of white tee's. i love not workin while im in school.

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    Yea i hate shopping to begin with. Dress shirts are the biggest bitch. But i have to ask how you cant close the cuff button?

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    Yea, worst are button down shirts, I cant find one that first worth a damn, my shoulders and back are wide, so I have to get some big ass shirt so its not tight when i bend over, but then it looks retardedly big around my waits, or my chest is too big, it is so annoying lol they need a "not a vagina" line of clothes.

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