For the past few years I have seen my mom become more unhappy with life as each year passes, and today for the first time it really bothered me. My mom has been a stay at home mom, up until a few months ago, even since I was born, 22 years ago. She has been making and packing me, when I was in school, my brother and sisters lunch day in and day out, she has been making dinner every night for the family ever since I can remember. She does laundry she cleans the house she basiclly keeps this house I now live in from falling apart. She drives my brother and sister to school every day, she drives my sister to extracuricular activities, she runs around all day long and by the time the end of the week comes she has not done one thing for her self.
Aside from all that though, I think my old man is really starting to get to her, he treats her almost like a little kid, he's always overly nice and overly willing to do things for her that she could very well do on her own. My dad is a really touchy feely kind of guy, always touching her hugging her giving her little kisses, trying to make her feel like she is really wanted but what is happening from what is that what he is doing is actually pushing her away. He has been like this ever since I can remember and I havent really noticed that it has been effecting my mom until recently, and I think with all these things combined she is about to freak out.
From what my mom has told me about how she used to be as a young lady it seems as though my dad has actually brought her down. My old man is man of routine and anything out of his routine seems weird to him and therefor he doesnt every venture out and try new things, he works and he comes home to the family, that it, he doesnt go out ever, he doesnt like to leave the house and go on holidays or anything like that, whereas my mom loves to travle and go out and be social. Her and my dad can never share any of these things together because they are so different when it comes to this and it drives my mom crazy, but my old man just does see the picture clearly, or at all for that matter.
I love my mom and she is what keeps this house running but honeslty the best thing for her would be to leave( for the familys sake I hope this never happens), she needs to get out of the life she lives because she is misserable living it. I just look at the way there relationship is and her life is and wonder how she has put up with everything for so long. As bad as this sound she need some young guy to sweep her off her feet and take her far away so she can be happy living the life she wants, I cant stand seeing my mom as unhappy as she has been lately, the worste part is, is that my old man sees nothing wrong with what he is doing, my dad treats her so nice but thats where the problem stems.
I cant really talk about this with them b/c that might start a big problem so I though Id get it off my chest here. Thanks. This has been pissin' me right off for quite some time.