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    medical advice re: swollen lymph node

    alright, i have been sick for about a week now with basically just a cold. i am feeling quite a bit better now (sunday), but last night, as you may have read from another post, i got sucker punched from the back and side of me last night. i got hit in the lower jaw and mouth, but this morning i woke up with the lymph node on the side i got hit really swollen and tender, so now im thinking that the guys thumb may have caught me underneath the jaw. so now, im wondering a. if it is possible that my gland is swollen because of the punch or if its because im sick, or both, and b. what i should do, if anything. any help is appreciated.

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    I'd watch it for a day or so and see if it goes away. If it gets worse...I'd go have it checked out. If you start getting a major fever, the other side gets sore, etc....I would go get it checked.

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