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    Suplement stores

    I heard about this new supplement store the other day and went to check it out today. I had to laughed as soon as I walked in the door, the two guys that were working there were probably 50lbs over weight, with guts, so quite high BF%, and the girl behind the counter wasnt much better. I dont know about you but If I was just getting into working out I would have a hard time listening to someones advice when he/she looks like they've never worked out or took a supplement in their life. Would it not be way better to have fit, good looking, healthy employees? The shit they were talking about in there too, it made working out seem like a fad, like it was the next big thing, I feel sorry for anyone who doesnt know much about nutrition and supplementing and is about to walk into a store like that.

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    i realized the same thing when i went into a smoothie king the other day. one guy was trying to get me to buy noxplode, im like bitch i know more about supps than your manager.

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    Typically, it takes some level of intelligence to get right phisically, and I think someone w/ a little smarts can get a better job. Oh yeah- good work ethic, determination, patience, and persistance too!

    The guy at my old supp store was a freak, but he owned the place.

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