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    Chest pains during cardio WTF??

    Dude, I was doing cardio today walking on an incline, and i got a pressure like feeling pain in my chest on the right side (not the side of my heart). It felt like someone was pushing on my chest and also from the back. I havent been on any aas for over 5 weeks. I did finish up a 3 week cycle of clen though 2 weeks or so ago. ANy ideas on what this could be? Kinda scared me so I got off and the pain went awyas, b/c it started to increase a little. BTW< im in my early twenties.

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    dude.... ya posted this twice

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    lol im not telling :D
    ima say blood pressure.. again

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    Are you in good health generally, do you smoke, are you over weight, did you get other other symtom like a light head, palpatations, pain else where, when did you last eat before this happened, etc.. These are some of the questions you can expect your Doc to ask if you experience this again. Personally I'd put it down to some trapped wind if you get normally experience it.

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