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    anyone from Portland,OR?

    I just moved here. dont know shit about this town. good bars.clubs, gyms? parts of town i should avoid?

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    Portland, OR
    I moved here from Los Angeles about 19 months ago. There is some good bars and restaurants down in the Pearl and NW. Same with the clubs in downtown. It's cool for a medium size town with a slight feel of San Francisco. Where did you relocate from? Avoid parts of SE, NE and North side. I live in Forrest Heights in the NW side of Portland and its clean/safe. Also the taxes in Multnomah cty is a joke, income tax at the muni level?? Give me a break.. The gyms suck here man. 24hr bought all the Gold's and ALL you can basically find are health clubs. LA Fitness is starting to come into the market and are far better then 24hr. The LA Fitness in Tannisbourne is brand new and deserted which works for me...

    Where do you live in Portland?


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