OK biggest flaw in the movie: Vader Conversion to the dark side

1)we all know the Jedi need Anakin since he has the MOST LATENT POTENTIAL of power than all of the Jedi in recent history, they need him because in the wrong hands he would be a tool for evil possibly, but also times are unpredictable and the Jedi counsel new they needed all the help they could get.

2) now he started his training past the normal age and his powers seemed to transcend normal Jedi traiing, he is constantly put in check by Obi one and the counsel to "Discipline" himself and to be patient. However when they disciplined him they did it often without explanation, and much like a cold parent would there child ( ala go to your room style discpline with no explanation).

3) At first he did not mind but then as he became self aware of his powers the counsel was even more firm with him, almost daring his to backlash. They never said "look we know your powerfull, you know it as well, we are tying to help you here is why......."

4) Palapatine is the perefect Seducer and led Anakin away from the counsel in effective fashion, however here is where the story could have been better written.

A) Anakin should have found out that the Emporer was in fact Sideuos through his knowledge of the force, he should have let Sideous live by making a choice only to do so till he learned the power of ressurection/ and or any powrfull teachings of Sideous
has to circumvent his Wifes impending doom.

B) he should have known this privatly and maybe leaked it too Obi One, who then leaked it to the counsel who then became even more supeciuos of Anakin ( all of this should have been done semi privatley)

C)Palpatine should have sensed this, then began to cause more Rebell incursions as sideous. ( no one know he is the cause of both factions in the WAR)

D) Palpatine then sends Imperial troop to crush a large part of the Rebellion, and Victory should soon be in the Jedi's grasp.

E) Sideous/Palapatine then discusses how he too wants the rebellion to be stopped to Anakin, and Anakin being battle weary and also concerned about his wife, and tired of the Jedi counsel should also have a yearing to see it end ( he does not know that Sideuos is the cause of the war on both ends depite being the chosen one) he does know who Palpatine /Sideuos is and hopes the war is over soon so he can learn the powers of resurection and other powers he has too and then dispose of him.

F) the final big reble / imperial war should take place near his wifes home world. the Jedi even more distrusting don't want Anakin near any real last important campaigns since they feel they can take care of it now, plus he is a liability.

Anakin becomes infuriated when he finds out the counsel really don't trust him and do not let him go to the last war front we he is proven to make a difference, he bcomes even more angry that the battle is near his wifes home world where she is, again he is most angry that he and all his power can crush the rebellion once and for all so Peace reigns, he can learn what he has to from Sidoius, then get rid of him, (say to hell with the Jedi possibly) and live with his wife happliy ever after

G) however he cant do that since JEDI orders dontl let him go to the front,
then the last war starts, but the Rebellion is stonger than expected the Jedi have to retreat, and Anakins wife gets killed by a Rebel bomb

then Palpatine/ Sidous comes and is the first to tell him the "news" and seduces him by saying "wow if you went this war would be over, and I could teach you faster, and peace will reign but I am sorry the rebellion is still ongoing oh and by the way you wife is dead, if only you were there"

this sole INSTANCE would have been the impetus for Anakin to become Darth Vader, hate the rebellion and favor a police state universe, and completely HATE THE JEDI who kept his power at bay for what he percieves as THEIR ego, where if he had gone his wife would have been saved, the rebellion over, and Sidiuos diposed of

also lets explain away Darth vaders scars :

as the Jedi are coming back from the battle they were suppost to win, the battle in which Padme dies

Anakin Now vader is preparing to confront them, ALL OF THEM,. the ones who are responsible for keeping him down, underestimating him, causing the war to be longer and above all the death of Padme'........

he fights the whole cousel not one at a time but ALL of them , and only Yoda and Obi one are strong enough to defend themselves ( not strong enough to be offensive), the rest fall

in this moment we should see how strong Vader truly is, and how his conversion to the dark side is understandable, complete and awsome

the fight seen should be a a cave type of setting

in the end of the seen Yoda and Obi one combine there powers to cave in the rock face that is to much for vader to escape.....

he should be dying or dead for a bit then the emporer finds him in the rubble, "saves" him and then turns him into the Vader we see with the suit..........